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Google Search Console Reports Also Affected by De-Indexing Bug

In another blow to the recent Google updates, the search engine giant has confirmed that Google search console reports are still being affected by the de-indexing bug.



It appears that the Google de-indexing issue is not yet over as the search engine giant confirmed in a series of tweets yesterday that its Google Search Console reports are not yet reflecting live page URL indexing status. The issue is reportedly related to the recent bug that affected the Google index rating of site pages across the Internet realm.

According to the information provided by Google via its Google Webmasters (@googlewmc) account on Twitter, the Search Console’s index coverage report and the enhancement report were not yet updated, causing the URL Inspector tool to show an inaccurate status of page indexing. Google initially tweeted:

“Search Console is still recovering from the indexing issue we reported on last week. As a result, index coverage and enhancement reports were not updated recently & URL Inspector might not reflect live status, at the moment.”

It was then followed by two other tweets suggesting a temporary solution so site owners can verify if their page URLs have already been indexed.

“We will update when issues with reports & URL inspector are resolved. For now, to best determine if a URL is indexed, use a site: search. If you discover a URL is not included, this is likely a site-specific issue as the broad indexing issue has been resolved.

In the case of a site-specific issue, you can report into our forum. You can also use the URL Inspector tool to resubmit, but be aware the status report might not be correct until that issue is.”

At the moment, site owners can’t do anything about the matter but wait for further instruction and update from Google. Site owners are currently encouraged to check their URLs’ indexing status through the site: command until the problem has been fixed.

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