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Google Assistant for Android to get Rich Answers Update

In a further push to improve Android voice assistant capabilities, Google will begin providing rich answers on all relevant Google voice searches.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google wants to improve the mobile search experience of Android users further. In an announcement, Google’s Senior Product Manager Danielle Buckley confirmed that Google Assistant will be updated to offer users rich answers.

The update follows last fall’s visual refresh enhancement that Google’s phone Assistant. This time, the new update gives Android smartphones better visual responses to people and “more complete information at a glance.”

As per Buckley:

“This update includes responses with cards that clearly present the key information you’re looking for. In addition to a new interface for categories like events, you’ll also get access to useful tools like the tip calculator, metronome music pacer and bubble level. Ask your Assistant for “Events in Mountain View” or “Why is grass green?” to check out some of these new responses.”

According to Google, some questions would still receive helpful responses in the form of links to different sources from across the Internet. However, people will now be able to see the full set of search results from the web. On the other hand, relevant results may, at times, include existing ads that users typically see on Google Search.

Rich Answers

Below is how the rich answers will look like when you ask Google Assistant on an Android phone:

Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google
Image courtesy of Google

The rich answers update is already being rolled out on Android phones and is expected to make Assistant easier to use when searching something online.

To date, Android controls nearly 86 percent of the global mobile phone market share. Some of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and HTC have all built phones specifically designed for the Android system.

With an estimated worldwide revenue of 136 billion USD, Google is poised to entirely dominate the mobile voice assistant market. There is no doubt that Google also wants to make mobile search more accessible to users and more appealing to advertisers, marketers, and publishers.

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